The 11-storey Hotel Central is home to 114 historic and luxurious guestrooms that take you on a journey from the Modernization era of the 1920s, to the Glamour Era of the 1930s, to the Post-War Blooming Era of the 1940s, giving you a taste of Macau through the ages. The balcony of the room offers a breathtaking view of Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro or Senado Square, a serene and elegant setting in which to savour the excitement of your visit to Macau.
Embracing the Past, Forging the Future

Hotel Central stands tall among Macau's historic cultural heritage buildings, with significant historical value. Under the supervision of the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau, a grand restoration and reconstruction project was undertaken with the aim of "Continuing the centuries-old heritage, Reviving the hotel's legendary status". The team employed ingenious techniques to begin the reinforcement work from the foundation, using a self-developed static drilling pile method to install 129 piles in the ground, where there were no existing pile foundations, and reconstructed new foundation to enhance the overall load capacity. The hotel's exterior and the iconic "New Central" billboard on top have withstood the test of time, making them prominent landmarks in Macau's historic city area.

To vividly showcase the rich and legendary historical heritage of Hotel Central, the designers delved deep into the essence of the original architecture, integrating decorative elements such as window patterns, ceramic tile embellishments, ceiling and walls coverings, ingeniously blending the architectural features of various historical periods in Macau. As you step through the entrance, walking on the rustic floor tiles and observing the yellowed old photos on walls, you feel as if you have traveled through time and merged with history. The design inspiration for the reception desk is derived from the traditional "fan tan" gaming tables, paying homage to the past of the gaming industry and narrating the unique history of the Hotel Central and Macau.

To preserve the century-old historical lineage, the hotel features a Historical Cultural Corridor on the ground floor, showcases the rich historical lineage of Avenida Almeida Ribeiro (commonly known as San Ma Lo) and Hotel Central. Visitors can immerse themselves in the tales of the past, feel the vibrant atmosphere of old Macau, and experience the timeless charm amidst the changing tides of time. The 11th-floor Historical Sightseeing Promenade offers a panoramic view of The Historic Centre of Macau, resembling an open-air museum filled with captivating stories and emotions. Walking along this corridor allows you to appreciate the city skyline and the magnificent sights, like exploring a fascinating three-dimensional history textbook.

  • 1928 The grand opening of President Hotel marked a significant milestone in Macau. It was the first hotel in Macau to feature with elevators and the first to display modernist architectural aesthetics, and was praised as "Supreme Hotel of the Portuguese Empire" at that time.
  • 1930 The President Hotel was sold to Luk Wo Company and renamed Grand Central Hotel
  • 1932 The Macau-Portuguese government launched a public tender for the gaming rights to better regulate the industry. A consortium led by "Guangdong Gambling King" Fok Chi Ting, established Yuen Yuen Company. They successfully secured the concession with an annual gambling tax of $1.2 million (later reduced to $800,000), and established their flagship casino "Ho Hing" at the Grand Central Hotel, becoming the first and most luxurious entertainment venue in Macau
  • 1936 Fu Lo Yung, who had previously collaborated with Fok Chi Ting to open a casino in Shenzhen, returned to Macau. Together with Ko Ho Ning, they won the second gaming rights with an annual tax of $1.8 million and acquired the Central Hotel, opening the casino "Thai Hing".
  • 1937 As the Sino-Japanese War broke out, a large number of refugees flooded into Macau, including many wealthy individuals who sought refuge at the Central Hotel. The hotel experienced a surge in business and underwent multiple expansions, increasing from its original 7 floors to 8 floors.
  • 1941 To surpass the 9-storey International Hotel, Fu Lo Yung and Ko Ho Ning decided to raise the Central Hotel to 11 floors by using lightweight materials.
  • 1942 According to the proposal of the only Chinese engineer studying in the United States at that time, Chau Chi Fan, the hotel was added to 11 floors, making it the tallest skyscraper in Macau at that time.
  • 1961 Due to the change of the gaming rights, the hotel changed its development direction to non-gaming entertainment, and opened the famous restaurants such as Tai Wah Teahouse, Palace Restaurant, Crystal Jade Restaurant and Crystal Jade Restaurant.
  • 1992 The 60-year-old Hotel New Central was listed on the Macau Heritage List by Governor Vicky Watson and became part of the assessed architectural complex.
  • 2016 Hotel Central was acquired by the Lek Hang Group for over MOP 2 billion and commenced restoration and redevelopment works.
  • 2018 Hotel Central was listed in the Macau Special Administrative Region's "Catalogue of Classified Real Estate and its Buffer Zones" as part of the Classified Real Estate Complex.
  • 2024 Hotel Central will reopen after the completion of the restoration and reconstruction works, and this sleeping giant in the Historic Centre of Macau will be wiped clean and blossom once again.
From Childhood Fantasies to Manifested Destiny Born in a humble house on Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, I grew up gazing at the majestic “Hotel Central” across the street. Despite feeling both near and far from it, I harbored a childhood dream to someday own it. As a mischievous child, I sneaked into the hotel, only to be swiftly thrown out. Undeterred, I pointed at the towering building and declared, “One day, I’ll buy you when I have money.” Years passed, and as the grand building aged, my heart filled with nostalgia. I was determined to breathe new life into this companion of my youth. With divine intervention, my dream became a reality. After 7 years of negotiations, I acquired the hotel in 2016. Following 3 years of approvals, construction began in 2020, and by the end of 2023, the century-old project was completed. The giant stands tall, illuminating the old town and playing a vital role in making Macau the “World Centre of Tourism and Leisure”. It’s our mission and my pride. Mr. Simon Sio /Founder & Chairman of Lek Hang Group